Product Description


1.Energy saving and power saving:
power consumption,saving above 80% energy more than traditional halogen lamp, energy saving.
2.Long lifespan:
famous brand LED chip selection, it can reach to 60000 H.
3.Green environmental protection:
no radiation, not including mercury, lead and harmful substances, will not cause environmental pollution.
4.High light efficiency:
90% of its electricity transformed into a visible light.
5.Use safe:
low voltage, low current, low temperature,convenient installation.
6.High CRI:
good color rendering index, more true to color rendering for things, match different environmental needs.
7.IP level:IP65.


Model    No. LEDs Description LED QtyEmitted
Luminous Flux(lm)Wattage (W)Viewing AngleVoltagePFPacking Size(MM) pcs/ carton kg/ carton
MW-HL7S-120CWPhilips -3030120WW/NW/CW11785100W120°AC85-265V>0.95353604052pcs8.5kg
MW-HL7S-120CWPhilips -3030120WW/NW/CW13000120W120°AC85-265V>0.95353604052pcs8.5kg
MW-HL7S-180CWPhilips -3030180WW/NW/CW17608150W120°AC85-265V>0.95353604402pcs9.8kg
MW-HL7S-180CWPhilips -3030180WW/NW/CW19000180W120°AC85-265V>0.95353604402pcs9.8kg
MW-HL7S-240CWPhilips -3030240WW/NW/CW22766200W120°AC85-265V>0.93452954402pcs11.5kg


1.Suitable for Workshop, Warehouse.
2.Gymnasium, Gas station.
3.Shopping mall, Garage and other Lighting Purposes.

High Bay Light,High Bay Lighting


1.When installation, try to avoid the minefields,strong magnetic field and high-voltage area;
2.Ensure a solid connection correctly in order to avoid short-circurt damage to components and trigger fires ;
3.Installed in a well-ventilated place to ensure appropriate environmental temperature;
4.Pleas e check local voltage i n accordance wi t h the product requirements before using the product ;
5.To prohibit the l ive wiring,check t o confirm the wiring correct , confirm no short-circuit and then power on;
6.In case of failures . Do not maintain it in private.